Medley Electric can assist you with Intelligent Building Automation strategies (BMS) by simplifying what can be numerous and complex tasks of today’s building functions. An intelligent and appropriate Building Management System manages all the concerns at once.

As the challenges confronted by building owners and managers have increased exponentially in recent years due to in part to the profusion of the Internet and related innovations in IT infrastructure, an Intelligent and coordinated BMS streamlines this challenge in a single platform.

Medley Electric’s goals are lower operational expenses and savings through energy conservation by automated control and integration over one of our IP networks.

Intelligent Building Management System Features

Basic features of an automated BMS include movement sensors which can monitor when zones are vacant and turn off the lights and adjust temperature. Late night cleaning persinnel or daytime renovation workers are visible through automatic identification technology (RFID) as they check in so that lights are turned on and off as they work through different parts of the building.

BMS frameworks are evolving towards web/cloud-based systems. Utilization of the Internet allows these systems to unite and streamline over multiple buildings or factories or warehouses at various geographic areas: Data can be turned quickly from information into action and savings.

As these web services develop and become more efficient building owners and managers can select the control benefits that fit their needs. A complete cloud-based framework can control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems installed by clients.

Owners and managers deal with a variety of challenges to reap return on investment on the one hand while reducing energy output and environmental waste. A properly functioning BMS system will assist with the pressing need to lower operating costs, manage modern building systems and regulations while retaining tenant satisfaction and protecting both buildings and tenants with security systems that are thorough without being invasive.

Waterloo Building Automation Technicians

Let Medley Electric's qualified electricians in Waterloo give you a quote and an assessment for the Intelligent Building Management System that will maximize your profits and minimize your headaches.