A service upgrade is often needed to expand the capability of an existing home, commercial or industrial electronic system.

With constantly emerging technologies, most homes don't have adequate capability to handle the expanding electronic needs of 2016.

When too many devices are plugged into one circuit the system can become overheated. When this is the case, a board update or substitution is typically required to mitigate an issue with the current panel.

Sometimes a panel must be changed over from fuses to breakers to deal with increased amperage and prevent break downs or risk of fire. At such times a service upgrade is required which can include updating the electric panel meter socket, the wire between the meter and board, or the wire between the utility and the meter and ground wire. By using a larger fuse we prevent the risk of the fuse overheating. However, with the larger fuse the wire can become overheated by working beyond its capacity. Overheated wires running through walls can create the potential for fire and blown circuits.

This is the reason the insurance agencies often want the board changed over from wires to breakers. They realize that your home will be more secure with another, newer breaker board.

Kitchener / Waterloo Electrical Upgrade Permits

Medley Electric will assist with all of the appropriate paperwork with the city and province prior to any service upgrade.

The power will be disconnected while the work is being completed and will be restored once the job is complete.

Find out how much it is for your service upgrade throughour team of fully licenced Waterloo electricians and book your free quote today.

Medley Electric has undertaken scores of successful electrical service upgrades for homes and businesses in the tri-city area. We perform residential, commercial and industrial service upgrades. These include: 100 and 200 amp residential service installations, commercial 600/347 panel additions and upgrades, and industrial service upgrades and sub panel installations for machinery.