Electric blackouts can be expensive for business owners and entrepreneurs and cause stress and uncertainty for property owners. Therefore, a back up generator is important to support the many services essential to the safe functioning of a home and the success of a small business.

Medley Electric offers full installation of back up generators

Whether you live in an area where power outages are frequent or not, a transfer switch can prevent the inconvenience and property damage that results when an unexpected power outage happens. Medley electric can install a back up generator which will prevent the loss of profit to your business or the spoilage of fresh foods to your home when there is an electrical outage.

Standby or back Up Electric Generators are an increasingly common upgrade for commercial, and industrial and residential wiring systems. Medley Electric can install standby systems that alert you when there is a power outage or kick in automatically when there is an issue.

Some backup systems can sense your power outage, while others may need to be started up manually. Backup generators that we install typically run on natural gas, propane or even diesel fuel.

Installing a backup generator and a transfer switch is not a DIY project!

  1. Our first step is to install your transfer switch. 
  2. Next we set up your generator.
  3. Then electric lines are connected from your transfer switch to the generator.
  4. A pipefitter will then make the best possible connection the fuel source.

Now the generator is ready to ensure the unrestricted flow of electricity and to guarantee the uninterrupted functioning of your business or home.

Medley Electric will assess your home or business today and give you a free quote to start the process.

Costs fluctuate due to the variation of installation needs when connecting the fuel source. We suggest you book a home visit with one of our licensed electrians to get an accurate quote.