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Residential Panel Change

Panel Change / Upgrade

We perform upgrades to 100, 200 amp residential panels, complete service upgrades, fuse to breaker panel changes and pony panel installation.  We will assess your current panel configuration, and provide you with the options that will meet your power requirement and bring you up to code.

Panel feed Relocation:

Commercial, Industrial and residential panel feed relocation. Electrical services to relocate main feeds and sub feeds to electrical equipment.

New Electrical Panel

What Is A Fuse Panel?

A fuse panel (otherwise called panel-board or breaker board) is part of your home or business electrical supply system. It divides your main electrical feed into different circuits at the same time as offering protection from fault using a circuit breaker or protective fuse.

Fuse Panel vs Breaker Panel

Nothing is more imperative to the wellbeing of your home than the electrical circuit breaker or fuse panel. Albeit each option protects your home in distinctive ways, the essential thought is the same: to avert over-burden circuits that could overheat and cause a flame.

The fuse panel or breaker panel both serve to secure an over-burden electrical circuit by interfering with the continuity of power. How they interfere with the stream of power is altogether different, on the other hand. A fuse panel is comprised of a bit of metal that melts when overheated; an electrical breaker panel has an inside switch component that is triggered by a power surge. Wires have a tendency to be faster to intrude on the stream of force, yet must be supplanted after they dissolve, while circuit breakers can be reset.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Fuse Box With Circuit Breakers?

Every home and every business is different. Medley Electric’s team of licensed electricians offer free quotes within the surrounding areas of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario.

Find out how much it is to upgrade your electrical panel.   Book your free quote today.

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