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Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Medley Electric primarily serves commercial properties with the ability to help plan and follow through to completion large projects. With many years of commercial electrical experience in new construction, manufacturing, re-tooling, troubleshooting, and maintenance, there are few electrical related projects that are unfamiliar to their team.

The Master Electricians and apprentices on this team are equipped with the latest technology, information, and tools to ensure safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Medley electricians know their stuff. When work is done right the first time you avoid safety hazards and the hassles of delays. Medley Electric helps you avoid overtime and surprise expenses with free but accurate estimates including details of what is needed.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services BW

Commercial Electrical Service Upgrades

Medley Electric specializes in commercial electrical installation and repair. They provide cost effective solutions for all electrical needs.  Service upgrades are done at competitive prices.

Commercial Electrical Services - Medley Electric Apprentice
Comercial Electrical Service Upgrades

Medley Electrics’ experienced commercial electricians are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

The company uses the latest technology and environmentally responsible products. Talented electricians are trained in industry best practices, using top of the line equipment to diagnose and repair electrical issues. Medley electricians are experienced in all commercial environments and emergency repair situations. All their work and pricing is guaranteed!

Residential Electrical Service Upgrades

Panel Change / Upgrade

We perform upgrades to 100, 200 amp residential panels, complete service upgrades, fuse to breaker panel changes and pony panel installation.  We will assess your current panel configuration, and provide you with the options that will meet your power requirement and bring you up to code.

Residential Electrical Service - Panel Upgrade
Residential Electrical Service – Panel Upgrade

Nothing is more imperative to the wellbeing of your home than the electrical circuit breaker or fuse panel. Albeit each option protects your home in distinctive ways, the essential thought is the same: to avert over-burden circuits that could overheat and cause a flame. It divides your main electrical feed into different circuits and protects from fault using a circuit breaker or protective fuse.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Panel feed Relocation

Residential and commercial electrical services include panel feed relocation. Electrical services to relocate main feeds and sub feeds to electrical equipment is sometimes required during service panel upgrades, renovations, or ESA code violation situations.

New Construction Commercial

The experience and reputation of commercial electricians is very important in New Construction. Electrical services play an extensive part in determining the overall planning and development of a new building project. You will need a competent leader to give important insight at the planning stage. It’s also important to select a commercial electrical contractor with specific knowledge and experience related to the type of project under development. New construction projects like commercial retail, medical facilities, high tech clean rooms, government infrastructure, data processing centers, supermarkets, food storage facilities, office buildings, rental properties and industrial plants, require wisdom that only comes from experience. Shawn Medley has completed hundreds of commercial buildings and can guarantee pricing and scheduling.

Commercial Building Cambridge Ontario
Commercial Building Cambridge Ontario

Commercial Lighting

Lighting: LED pot lights, compact fluorescent lighting, commercial lighting upgrades, cost efficiency evaluation and money saving reports, industrial lighting retrofitting, T8 T5 and LED lighting upgrades.

Commercial Lighting in Mall

Upgrading your building’s lighting is a worthwhile investment, as newer lighting options offer energy savings, longer lifespan of bulbs, and can significantly improve lighting quality in your commercial or industrial building.  Navigating the options can be challenging and confusing, so let the experts at Medley Electric walk you through it!  We will help you choose from the best upgrade and retrofit options, be it LED, T5, or T8, and also offer cost-effectiveness evaluations and reports detailing your cost savings after the upgrade.

Commercial Lighting Upgrades

You want to save money on your building’s electricity and lighting, but you don’t want to decrease productivity or put off occupants and customers with a poorly-lit facility.  Medley Electric can help you find the balance, as we offer many options for relighting and lighting retrofit projects.  Different types of lighting will have varied results in different building types, sizes, and purposes so it’s crucial to explore your options.  We can help you with that, every step of the way.

Residential Wiring

Let Medley Electric help you plan the safe installation of electrical wiring and systems for your next renovations project.

We perform any common new and existing home wiring applications: including renovations, additions, and repairing wiring in any residential setting.  These services include pot lights, adding receptacles, upgrading smoke detectors, adding bedroom lights and switches, and basement wiring.

Kitchen and Bath renovations: Full kitchen and bathroom electrical work, Under cabinet lighting,  20 amp and split circuit receptacles for counter tops. Stove, microwave, rangehood, built in oven, and all other appliance wiring and installation. Complete Bathroom wiring, Pot lights, vanity lights, LED undercabinet and rope lighting, Heated towel holders, Heated floors, GFCI protection for whirlpool tubs.

Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Installations & Updates

Our services include new pool electrical installations, hot tub wiring, and complete electrical installations.

Residential Electrical Services - Pools
Keep your family safe, make sure a qualified electrician wires your pool or hot tub

Many times for the new pool and/or hot tub equipment service upgrades are required.  We will assess the equipment to be installed, and ensure that your panel services meet requirements, or upgrade them to do so.

Most hot tubs are intended for either open air or indoor establishment, albeit the vast majority lean toward outside.  Dedicated circuits are required to avoid over-burden.

Hot tub wiring requirements are more strict than regular house wiring because of the related danger of electrocution. Don’t attempt this yourself. Hire a professional.

Additional Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

black wire Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Building Maintenance

Outlets & Circuits


Sub Services

LED Retrofitting

ESA Defect Corrections

Backup Power

GFI & Outdoor Wiring

Robot & Machine Wiring