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Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting Upgrades

An industrial lighting upgrade is the easiest, most cost-effective way to move toward energy savings in plants, factories, and warehouses.  Industrial environments benefit from a lighting upgrade in all the usual ways, with some additional advantages to consider.  Energy efficient lighting produces less heat, which offers added safety in areas where combustible materials are used and stored.  Lighting upgrades also increase the quality of light in your workplace which helps to prevent accidents and has been shown to increase productivity up to 15%!  Nothing is more important in a Quality Control area than bright lighting.  Thousands of defects can go unnoticed if your QC team members can’t see them.


An Industrial work area is much safer when it’s well lit.  Prevent accidents with better lighting.   Medley Electric has worked in  many industrial manufacturing facilities and warehouses, we understand the necessity of any contractors you hire to work safe and work safely with other contractors.  Medley Electric has an excellent record for safety and will work with your companies standards for a safe work environment.

Contact us to see how Medley Electric can help get your lighting upgrade project underway today!

Industrial Lighting

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