Medley Electric provides residential wiring services including outlets, circuits, troubleshooting, and hot tub wiring in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding area.

Medley Electric's team of licensed electricians offer free quotes for residential electrical panel changes within Waterloo and Southwestern Ontario.

Licensed residential electricians in Waterloo. Residential wiring and systems for your next kitchen, basement, bathroom and home renovations project.

Hot tub wiring requirements are more strict than regular house wiring. Don't attempt this yourself. Hire a professional.

Code defect correction for any defects the inspector may find in your home including: dangerous wiring, fuse panels and missing electrical equipment.

Troubleshooting residential electrical outlets and branch circuits. Call our licensed commercial electricians in Waterloo today.

Residential electrical troubleshooting and repairs by licensed electricians in Waterloo at Medley Electric

Sub services and pony panels in residential, detached garage electrical service, addition electrical service by Medley Electric.