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Electrical Service Upgrade

Commercial Service Upgrade

Medley Electric specializes in commercial electrical installation and repair. They provide cost effective solutions for all electrical needs.  Service upgrades are done at competitive prices.

Medley Electrics’ experienced commercial electricians are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

The company uses the latest technology and environmentally responsible products. Talented electricians are trained in industry best practices, using top of the line equipment to diagnose and repair electrical issues. Medley electricians are experienced in all commercial environments and emergency repair situations. All their work and pricing is guaranteed!

Service Upgrades

See why Medley Electric has flawless 5 star reviews with their customers on Google Business Reviews, join their list of satisfied clients.

Safety Standards

At Medley Electric the importance of safety is understood. Especially at the commercial and industrial level.  Medley Electric has a safety culture that is respected by everyone in to the company.  They adapt to progressive safety standards having worked in some of the most demanding environments.  In this modern market Safety has become an ongoing conversation. It’s now part off every procedure and every job we do. Therefore, If you can’t afford an accident call Medley Electric and stow your fears.

Why A Service Upgrade?

Expand the capability of an existing system may require a service upgrade. A new service includes updating the electric panel meter socket, the wire between the meter and board, the wire between the utility and the meter, and new grounding. Ontario Hydro inspects all work when complete.

Kitchener / Waterloo Electrical Upgrade Permits

Medley Electric will assist with all of the appropriate paperwork with the city and province prior to any service upgrade. How much it is for your service upgrade? Find out through our team of fully licensed Waterloo electricians. Book your free quote today.

Medley Electric has hundreds of successful electrical service upgrades in the Tri-city area.  they perform residential, commercial and industrial services. These include: 100 and 200 amp residential service installations, commercial 600/347 panel additions and upgrades, and industrial service upgrades and sub panel installations for machinery.

Medley Electric is Registered and Insured

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