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Electrical for Pools and Hot Tubs

Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Installations & Updates

Our services include new pool electrical installations, hot tub wiring, and complete electrical installations.

Many times for the new pool and/or hot tub equipment service upgrades are required.  We will assess the equipment to be installed, and ensure that your panel services meet requirements, or upgrade them to do so.

Most hot tubs are intended for either open air or indoor establishment, albeit the vast majority lean toward outside.  Dedicated circuits are required to avoid over-burden.

Hot tub wiring requirements are more strict than regular house wiring because of the related danger of electrocution. Don’t attempt this yourself. Hire a professional.

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How to Hook Up a Hot Tub

For open air establishment, ensure that the site is developed with appropriate seepage so water won’t have the capacity to pool around the hot tub. Additionally check for house rooftop overhang, on the off chance that you put the hot tub straightforwardly under the shade chances are that winter snow and icicles might cause damage.

Electrical work and repairs can be hazardous, particularly around water. There is a very serious danger of electric shock, which would cause serious harm to yourself or loved ones. We firmly advise that hot tub electrical wiring be installed by a licensed electrician.

Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Medley Electric provides hot tub, pool and spa electrical wiring and installation in the Tri Cities area including Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge and Waterloo Ontario. Any questions? Just call us for a free quote!

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