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Should I Do My Own Electrical Work?

Posted in Electrical Safety

Can I Do My Own Electric Work?

The surprising answer is YES. According to the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority, “Electrical work can be done in a home by the homeowner, occupant or a Licensed Electrical Contractor.”

Even If You Can, Should You?

In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park “your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” This expression may be true if your asking “can I do my own electric work?” Because doing so comes with great responsibility and risk. You may be better off asking “should I do my own electric work?” If you chose to do your own electric work, there are two things you must do. 1) You must do everything according to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. And closely related to the first step, you must 2) take out all required permits, and have your work inspected.

Note * If you are an “occupant” doing your own electric work, you must be either a tenant or the owner of the residence where the work is being done.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Some electrical work can be complicated, and errors can be profoundly serious, even costing lives. There is a serious risk of fire or electrocution if mistakes are made. That is why, even though you legally can do your own electrical work, the Electrical Safety Authority recommends you hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor. They are trained to notice and understand electrical safety issues that have potential to cause property damage and pose a risk to the safety of you and your family.

General handymen and other service providers cannot do electrical work in residences unless they hold an electrical contractor’s license. A Licensed Electrical Contractor is required to display their ECRA/ESA license number. Therefore, if their contract number is not obvious (posted on their work vehicle or card) ask them to see it.

Why Medley Electric?

Medley Electric is a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Kitchener-Waterloo and has been for many years. Their ECRA/ESA license number is 7010322. Also, they specialize in commercial and residential electrical installations and repairs. Call for a free estimate today at 519-781-2468.