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Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Lighting: LED pot lights, compact fluorescent lighting, commercial lighting upgrades, cost efficiency evaluation and money saving reports, industrial lighting retrofitting, T8 T5 and LED lighting upgrades.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting Upgrades – Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and area.

Upgrading your building’s lighting is a worthwhile investment, as newer lighting options offer energy savings, longer lifespan of bulbs, and can significantly improve lighting quality in your commercial or industrial building.  Navigating the options can be challenging and confusing, so let the experts at Medley Electric walk you through it!  We will help you choose from the best upgrade and retrofit options, be it LED, T5, or T8, and also offer cost-effectiveness evaluations and reports detailing your cost savings after the upgrade.

Commercial Lighting Upgrades

You want to save money on your building’s electricity and lighting, but you don’t want to decrease productivity or put off occupants and customers with a poorly-lit facility.  Medley Electric can help you find the balance, as we offer many options for relighting and lighting retrofit projects.  Different types of lighting will have varied results in different building types, sizes, and purposes so it’s crucial to explore your options.  We can help you with that, every step of the way.

Commercial Lighting

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