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December to January fire risk

According to Statistics Canada, the number of home accidents, especially fires, increases significantly during December.  One cause of fire during the Christmas season comes from overloading circuits, using old frayed wires and lighting, and using old or indoor rated extension cords outside.  Add a dried-out pine tree to the mix and you can clearly see why fires happen.  On top of that, many older electrical services were not ready for the demand of all the electronic devices we use today. Many panels are just too small for growing family homes and businesses. Take for example the rather warm looking thermal image (attached), can you spot the breakers running the overloaded extension cords and power bars?  Or the ones running the extra heater we just plugged into a regular outlet.  Be safe this winter, Call Medley Electric to see if your electrical service (home, business or factory) is up for the demands of winter in Canada.

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