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If you are into the latest home automation technology, you will quickly become aware of the need for an electrical infrastructure that supports your devices.  Google Home, Alexa, Philips Hue Lighting, Wi-Fi cameras, sensors, hubs, monitors, Garage door and man door automation, not to mention computers, tablets, and smart phones (and their charging systems) all require power.  Some control centers or even areas of the home like home theater area’s now need more dedicated circuits to manage all these new devices.  Many amateur automation enthusiasts put their home or office at risk because of overloading circuits which can cause overheating and even fire.  Medley Electric can set up your home or business with a robust electrical infrastructure that will handle all the automation you desire.  And rather than having wires exposed, electricians are experts at fishing wires behind walls into proper outlets and panels.  Do it right with a safe electrical system for home and office automation.

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