Looking for the best residential electrical service?

Here's some tips from Medley Electric to consider when searching for a residential electrician.

Home Electrical Basics

Electricity from your power company reaches your lighting, outlets, and appliances via your circuit breaker panel, and flows through your home’s individual circuits and back. The electricity enters your home through the meter, which keeps track of how much electricity your home uses, and the main breaker panel separates the power into individual circuits with their own dedicated breakers for each area or major appliance in your home. Please keep in mind that older homes may be using fuses rather than individual breakers, which are designed to burn out when an overload occurs.

Electricity is supplied to each circuit via bundles of wires from the breakers. Modern electrical wiring, NMD90 cable, consists of two insulated conductors (“hot wires” which meet and activate the circuit when a switch in your home is turned on or an item plugged into an outlet) and one ground wire (a direct path to the ground which triggers the circuit breaker to shut off in the event of a short circuit or overload). Older types of wiring include older NMD wiring (NMD1, NMD3, and NMD6 are common older types) and aluminum branch circuit wiring. These older wiring systems may carry risks of fire or other electrical hazards, and should be inspected and evaluated by a licensed electrician before repairs take place. 

Finding The Best Residential Electrician

There are many points and connections in your home electrical system where failures and disruption can occur, which poses serious safety risks for your family. Fire and electrocution can be best prevented by using an experienced, licensed residential electrician. Here are a few tips for finding a residential electrical service that is right for you.

Find your electrician the right way

Word-of-mouth and objective customer reviews can provide you with insight and honest information about a prospective service for your home electrical needs. It’s important to find an electrician you can trust to complete the job safely, thoroughly, and affordably. Medley Electric prides itself on superb customer service experience, and is a Top Rated Electrician in the Kitchener-Waterloo area; we are confident that if you ask around, you will find satisfied past customers with glowing reviews of our work!

Check licenses and insurance first!

An electrician that is fully licensed and insured provides you with peace-of-mind and protection in the event of problems. Make sure to ask your electrician for proof of their qualifications and insurance policies when you are obtaining quotes and before electrical work begins. Medley Electric is fully licensed and insured, so you don’t need to worry about our ability or our liability when it comes to your home electrical repairs or new electrical system installation.

Obtain more than one quote

You obviously want to make sure you are getting great value for your money, so compare quotes for your project and ask the companies you speak with how they calculate their project and electrical load estimates. Many residential electrical services use specialized software to make these estimates, be sure to stay informed of the process for the most economical and accurate quote. At Medley Electric, we are proud to guarantee you no unpleasant surprise costs or fees, and we will provide you with upfront free estimates at a fixed price. 

Fully licensed and insured, we pride ourselves fair prices and quality of our residential electrical wiring. Our prices are fixed. No hidden costs or surprises. 

We will communicate with you every step of the way. Call us today for a free quote at 519-781-2468 or submit online using our convenient contact form.