Hot Tub Wiring in Kitchener

We’re now full swing into spring! Mother Nature has finally rid us of all that snow and we’re finally starting to see some warmer weather. There’s been a bit of rain this week, but we’re sure to see the temperature up into the late teens later this week. It gets you thinking - this summer might be the summer you decide to get what all Guelph residents have long considered - a backyard pool or hot tub. The perfect way to relax throughout those scorching hot days. No one knows 

Not so fast though! There are many things you need to consider before diving into it. The first thing you need to consider is your budget. Pools and hot tubs come in a variety of different sizes. When it comes to picking the right hot tub you might even want to consider speakers, lights and even some loungers. All things considered, however, you might be thinking that you want to take some shortcuts, maybe buy used or maybe you might want to do a little bit of the electrical work yourself. 

Hot Tub Wiring Requirements

Hot tub wiring requirements are much more stringent than regular house wiring. You wouldn’t want to attempt this yourself, or even call your local handyman. You’ll definitely want to hire a professional. While it’s obvious that electrical work and repairs are dangerous especially around water, it must be noted however that our team of professionals knows a lot more than just the pool and hot tub basics. Our services include new pool electrical installations, hot tub wiring and complete electrical installations. We even assess equipment upgrades and consult with you to ensure your panel services meet the legal requirements.

Enough about dangers, let’s talk reasons to own a swimming pool. Increasingly there has been this concept of the “Staycation”. People are tending to travel less and spend more time at home. Why not find yourself enjoying your beautiful backyard just that little bit more. Save on travel expenses and invite some friends and family over for a barbecue and pool party. You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood in no time. Another clear benefit: Family time. Even though your kids are away at school, they’ll be thrilled to come home for the summer as soon as you mention to them that there will be a new addition to the backyard. It’s never too late! It always adds property value too.

Your Waterloo - Kitchener Electrician

Be sure to give Medley Electric a call if you’re thinking about making the jump. Medley Electric provides hot tub, pool and spa electrical wiring and installation in the Tri Cities area including Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge and Waterloo, Ontario. Call us for a free quote at (519) 781-2468.