Lighting upgrades can be a worthwhile investment. Navigating the options can be challenging and confusing, so here's a few tips you might find useful.

3 Lesser Known Reasons to Upgrade Lighting - More Than Just Energy Savings!

Your electrical bill is not the only reason to consider a lighting upgrade or retrofit! Here are three more great benefits that are sometimes overlooked. 

1 - Lifespan of Bulbs and Maintenance

Newer lighting technology not only saves you money on electricity, but also on replacement bulbs and maintenance of fixtures. Today’s LED lamps can last around 50,000 hours, and many modern lighting options are virtually maintenance-free so you don’t lose operational time to keeping your lights on bright.

2 - Light Quality

While you may have heard that energy-savings from your lighting compromises your light quality, the opposite is actually true! The cost savings leave you some room to adjust to brighter bulbs without killing your budget, and there are modern options available for every desired environment that provide various light colour, intensity, and coverage. 

3 - Environmental Impact

LED bulbs contain absolutely no mercury and need replacing less often, which means they have significantly lower impact on the environment than incandescent or compact fluorescent lights after disposal, not just during use. If your company is interested in “going green” and making a commitment to the planet, lighting upgrades can be a great way to start, with differences you’ll notice right away. 

Upgrading your building’s lighting is a worthwhile investment, as newer lighting options offer energy savings, longer lifespan of bulbs, and can significantly improve lighting quality in your commercial or industrial building. Navigating the options can be challenging and confusing, so let the experts at Medley Electric walk you through it! We will help you choose from the best upgrade and retrofit options, be it LED, T5, or T8, and also offer cost-effectiveness evaluations and reports detailing your cost savings after the upgrade.

Commercial Lighting Upgrades

Commercial lighting needs to balance your energy costs with user satisfaction and visual appeal. Medley Electric can help you find the perfect option for a lighting upgrade or retrofit that gets you the best of both worlds - and we’ll even give you the information and reports to back it up! Contact us today to start planning your commercial lighting upgrade and see the benefits right away!

Industrial Lighting Upgrades

An industrial lighting upgrade is the easiest, most cost-effective way to move toward energy savings in plants, factories, and warehouses. Contact us today to see how Medley Electric can help you increase productivity, save money, and stay safer in the workplace!

Contact us to explore your lighting upgrade options, save money and live brighter today!