Young Electrical Apprentice checks connection in panel
The recent Ontario Strike affecting 24 Colleges is in its 2nd week and it’s starting to worry the ones it affects the most, the students. Among the more than ½ million students are thousands of apprenticeships in trades. Students with apprenticeships are in a unique and time sensitive situation. Some electrical apprenticeship students like other trades combine full time jobs with breaks for school, usually 9 months’ work, and 3 months of school each year. Most electrical students don’t get paid to take that time off so it’s an extra strain, but when there is a delay like this strike, electrical apprentices are in danger of losing he time they spent in school before the strike. Worse, if their employer is not understanding, it could cause additional pressure and strain between the student and the company they work for. The bottom line is, it’s a mess. Here’s hoping it ends soon! Oct 28, 2017