Feeling Bad for Electrical Apprentices (2017 Strike)

Young Electrical Apprentice checks connection in panel
The recent Ontario Strike affecting 24 Colleges is in its 2nd week and it’s starting to worry the ones it affects the most, the students. Among the more than ½ million students are thousands of apprenticeships in trades. Students with apprenticeships are in a unique and time sensitive situation. Some electrical apprenticeship students like other trades combine full time jobs with breaks for school, usually 9 months’ work, and 3 months of school each year.

Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor VS Unlicensed Weekend Warrior.

You've combed through an extensive list of contractors and even met a few in person. Some are obviously better than others but you know it’s a crucial decision. Each contractor appeals to you for various reasons. They're almost identically qualified, with one difference: one's licensed, the other isn't.

Questions float through your head: What does it really mean to be licensed? Why are some contractors licensed and others not? And the ultimate question: Does it matter?